On Healing…

Stella provides a very powerful but gentle service form a heart centered space. From my experiences with her, she is very in tune with spirit and her insights and information are on the ball. I worked with Stella on many sessions and she really delivers a great confidential service. I would recommend her to anyone for sure.”
~ AF

“Stella offers powerful and intuitive guidance and healing from a beautiful heart energy space. She has a wonderful gift of identifying energy blocks which prevent us from our goals and creating gentle and effective plans which help us heal and step into our power. She has guided me to overcome old energy and stagnation and has helped me get to where I am today. I really recommend her and offer my sincerest gratitude to her.”
~ LG

“A beautiful heart, always open to helping others with her magical healing gift. Had a lovely mini healing session on the beach – thank you Stella. You are very special.”

A heartfelt and extremely competent healer for land and folk alike. Thanks for bringing the light into our lives and hearts Stella and for the encouragement to act with good intention.

On Coaching…

“Stella has a natural aptitude for helping people. So along with her unique intuition, impressive ability to empathise and intelligent and thoughtful personality, she also has the skills to be able to help you set and achieve goals, guide you through a difficult time and/or to go deeper into resolving personal issues. She helped me to gain some much needed perspective and to see some issues in a different way, lifting the heavy burden of self doubt and self criticism in order to find my path towards lightness and love. Talk to her, you’ll see!”
~ DS

“I love her intuitive expertise. She always shows interest in what I have to say, then picks up on stuff I had not realised was getting to me. Without telling me what to do and asking the right questions, she brings the solution out of me. Thank you!”

“I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with Stella. She is filled with wisdom and empathy. When I talk to her, she hears me and meets me where I’m at. She commends me when I succeed, and holds me accountable when I do not. I am truly gifted to have such a positive role model in my life.”
~ SF