New Galactic Updates Available

Attention Light-workers, Star-seeds and all who receive downloads. It’s now time to run the updates for the new incoming light plasma photon energies, that are coming in on the current ascension waves from the central sun.

For those who are ready, new upgraded grounding cords are available that will help you ground even more. It will help you withstand the higher frequencies, the higher volume and bigger bandwidth that is needed for these new higher energies at this time. These new cords which are large new cables now, are helping the human collective shift to 5D.

This new grounding cord is like going from a 3mm wire analog phone cable, to a 100mm in diameter ethernet fiber-optic cable. Like the ones used under the sea for intercontinental data transfer! They ain’t your average ethernet cable, not by a long shot. This new cable is white on the outside, has electromagnetic shielding and is packed with loads of fiber-optic cables inside it. It’s to facilitate the large volume of new data that’s coming in at the speed of light from the central sun. The old grounding cords are outdated now. It’s time to upgrade.

With the new grounding cable, you’ll be more able to handle these ascension symptoms and frequencies. The downloads and upgrades will be more manageable as it prevents these high frequencies from frying your system. We’re moving from a carbon organic form to a more crystalline plasma based form. It’s like going from the analog dial up phone to a digital cellular phone.

Once you receive and activate this new grounding cable, it’s installed and doesn’t need to be activated each time. It also doesn’t need to be plugged into the new earth each time. It’s a permanent connection once the connection is made. If in the future it needs maintenance or and upgrade, which it probably wont for a long time… Call on your star-being spirit guide to facilitate this. With discernment, they and your higher-self will know best what to do.

If this resonates with you… to receive the new grounding cord… Start working with your benevolent star-being guides who are from the Galactic Federation which consists of star-being councillors from across the galaxies. To do this, you can do shamanic journeying to connect to them. Once they feel that you are ready and you have done the personal work to prepare yourself for the 5th Dimension, your star-being guides will facilitate these upgrades.

You ask, ‘What’s this personal work that needs to be done before receiving the upgrades?’

To shift into the 5D, one needs to be clear of all that no longer works to move into the 5th dimension. So get rid of the old stories, they no longer work. Karma is dead, it’s a 3D construct! One needs to shift from an ego based mentality to a heart-mind based intelligence. It means to drop all the old toxic ways of being. To be accountable and take on self responsibility for your life. We are responsible for the maya — the illusions we create.

So no more victimhood, no more blaming or shaming. To operate from kindness and yet still have healthy boundaries. To standup for yourself in away that honours you and the other person/s. So in essense, it means practicing radical honesty and accountability with oneself and others. It also means to practice freedom of choice for oneself. This also means allowing others to also enact their own freedom of choice. Respect. Respect for oneself and for others. To respect people’s boundaries. And to establish your own healthy boundaries and to enforce them too.

So once you’ve done enough personal work, these upgrades will be available from your galactic family for you to receive as a gift. Just tune in and do your part!

And yes, it is a gift on their part that is receive through gratitude, respect and humility. A gift that can’t be demanded. A gift that is a reward in recognition of all the work that you’ve put in for the Galactic and human family. One when receive, is for sure well earned!

This has been a transmission from your multidimensional star being brothers and sisters. We are with you always and in all ways.


– Antoinette