Who are the 144,000?

This question came up today…. Is it just the 144,000 lightworkers or Starseeds that are going to ascend?

144,000 is a frequency one attains working with the crown chakra. It also refers to the number of petals of crown chakra when the crown opens up in this higher state of being. One can see this when the third eye is open, when doing meditative journeys, chakra activations and light body work in energy healings.

All humans have the potential to awaken so therefore we are all seeds, starseeds. Lightworkers refers to those that work with light, which also includes working with the shadow aspects, the dark. This is shadow work. The dark just refers to the lack of light. 

From a place of neutrality, there is no good versus evil. From this place, and when in a higher state of being, there is non-judgement. One sees and just observes polarities and dualities of the human experience — without getting caught up in all the dramas of life. This is where peace truly exists.

In short, everybody can reach and embody the 144,000 frequency and walk the awakening journey. Everyone is a seed, a seed of light and therefor has potential. Everyone has light or lack of light. So it’s just a way to explain the awakening journey. It’s just personal choice. The freedom to choose is a basic human right and a universal law. 

We are all returning to source light, creator or whatever you want to call it. So we are all are part of the one returning to self, the eternal ONE.

We separated from source light because source wanted to experience other than its self, so hence why we incarnate as individuals to experience a myriad of different life paths and experiences. This doesn’t negate the differences. Each ones individual experiences are valid at different levels.

For example, learning to walk when you’re a baby is really important at this pivotal stage of development. Once you’ve learn to walk, these lessons and experiences get less important when you’re slightly older as a toddler. Then the toddlers lessons advance. They need to go out, learn and experience things like running, climbing and talking. The lessons are incremental and build upon each other.

When we eventually get back to source, we would get to see the universal grand picture. We’ll be able to see the weave in the tapestry of our lives. We get to see how the dark patches were very necessary for our development and to create the whole picture. It’s at this point, we would then most likely understand more, more of the grand design of this thing called human life experience.

Stella Raey

Integrate & Chill

There’s been so much healing, release, upgrades, downloads, initiations and transformations in the last week or two. Remember to allow time for your integration.

So rest, chill — Just take time out and don’t beat yourselves up about it. Just like pro athletes, It’s vital that they schedule in down time for their bodies to rest and recover before they get back into their regular training program again.

Yeah, take the time out now, for Monday May 16th is the Red Full Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio! Plus we’re in Mercury Retrograde. So if things have been intense in your life, take a breather. The planets, stars and the moon have been doing their thing helping us bring up the toxic in our lives, so that we can take a clear look at things and decide what we’re gonna toss out. Think of retrogrades, scorpio and the lunar eclipse as your personal Mari Kondo. Assess what you want to keep for the future and what you want to release with gratitude. Thank it and say farewell, for these things have been your teachers.

Doing nothing is also necessary. Integrate.

All of this deep shadow work, healing and releasing is epic work for us on a personal level. And as a collective, it’s been on a galactic scale. It’s no small feat to shift an entire planet to 5D. Your guides thank you and honour you for all that you are doing for this ascension. They recognise all this effort and want you to rest too.

Yes, integration is such a pivotal part of the healing and ascension journey. During this phase, we allow our vessel’s to adjust and attune to the newer higher frequencies. It’s in this phase we normalise the new quantum information with in our cells and DNA. We’re embedding the new codes for the new earth within our very being.

If we skip this step and rush off to the next thing — we are in fact spiritually bypassing this phase. That would mean we’re still in the old programming of always doing more, going higher, going faster, having more, thinking this is us being our best, just to prove that we are worthy to win that elusive trophy at the end of the rainbow.

There is no hierarchy in 5D. No one is better than another, nor higher. There is no striving, or achieving. There’s being, loving and allowing. We transcend the polarity and duality. Karma is no more. It’s unity consciousness and about living our dharma.

We’ve got to let these new vibrations ground into our physical bodies and settle into our ever day lives. This is how we integrate and become this new way of being. So don’t skip steps, don’t take short cuts. After all we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are indeed the future ascended masters! It’s time to level up. So act like it.

— Stella 🌟 ⭐ 🌟

Demystifying the Ancestors, a Starseeds Perspective.

Have you ever wondered about who our ancestors are? In a human perspective we’re taught through our cultural and traditions, that they are the ones that have come before us. In a shamanic perspective, it’s about connecting to the ones with good intentions who have done the medicine and are willing to help and teach us.

Sometimes Starseeds have a difficult time with connecting to the human guides that came before us because Starseeds know they are from the stars and other galaxies. So who are the Starseed’s ancestors then? I answer this in todays video.

In todays video, we explore who are our ancestors from a Starseeds perspective.

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– Stella Raey

Virtual Chai Chats

I’ve started making videos on YouTube. I’m looking forward to seeing how this journey will unfold and to see if it resonates with people.

As a creative who is used to being behind the scenes doing blogging, being in front of the camera is new to me. Usually I’m doing the writing, editing, the website and graphics, besides all the Soul Coaching and tuning into the Akashic Field. So for sure, this is a new chapter for me. It will be interesting indeed.

Yes, spirit has been gently urging me to step it up. To use my throat chakra via video to bring insights, intuition and guidance from beyond. With gratitude, I give thanks to my friends and colleagues who have been encouraging me and assisting me on the technical issues. Thank God I have them to call on.

So lets get to it…

In this first series I’ll be doing Chai Chats were I’ll be talking about the current energies, the awakening journey, wellness, spiritually & more. So be sure to like the videos & subscribe to get more of my video content.

See you soon at the virtual Chai Chats 🙂

— Stella Raey

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In this Chai Chat we ask… What is the awakening process? What is it like, & what does it involve. Many are finding that things aren’t working for them any more & are looking for a better way. So join me through these virtual chai chats & be sure to like the video, subscribe & hit the bell icon if this resonates.

No Strings, No Tethers

When we cut the strings and let it go.
We are weightless to soar as high as each of us can go.
This equinox, this new season, celebrate. Celebrate the new you!
It’s really up to me and each of you.
So cut the strings and we can surf above the waves.
Let it go and you’ll see, if it’s just let be — things will just flow.

So cut the cords, let’s be free!
Start afresh,
With new eyes for all to see.
This is the time, there is only this now.
For we only have this one life,
This life, to live free from enmity.
Of one heart, of one mind,
… in unity.
Let us be free from animosity.

Without tethers, without strings,
There is no holding us back.
A new slate, a clean start.
Things a fresh — this is the new pact!
So what will we do… both me & you?
For each of us has a role to enact.

What’s in our hearts?
And what’s within our souls?
Will we be the leaders that hold integrity?
What is our role?
What in the world is our real pedigree?

So tend to the wounds and purge the puss.
Each of us chooses and does as we must.
Let’s not forget, all the mess.
Let’s pass this test and be our best.

Rest assured, within each of us lies a dormant seed.
A seed that is ready to break. A seed that wants to grow and sprout.
With our intensions held within our hearts…
We each seek and ask. Ask ourselves; what is the way out?

Each of us chooses, each of us knows.
Remember — for we all know the way.
The way out, is to go within.
There, within… lies all the answers we all seek.
We’ve always held the keys. We’ve always known.
Awaken Starseed.

— Stella Raey