I AM Mantras

I AM mantra affirmations and decrees can transform one in a powerful way. The energy signatures that one emits reflects back to you. We are beacons of light energy transmitters, like radio towers that put out a signal. And like radio receivers, others can mirror back to us these frequencies and can send out their own energy signatures too.

It’s in the mist of these mixed energies we find ourselves in. Living in a haze of confusion, not hearing our own voice. Not really having a clear picture of our own path. It’s during turbulent times, we experience inner storms and choppy waves. Chaos.

This is when we need to seek out a safe harbour and calm waters to clearly see our way. One way to do this is through meditation. To silence the mind, to create clear thinking.

Meditation doesn’t need to be silent, of no mind. One is mind, mind is part of the human experience. Ego isn’t evil, heart isn’t weak. It’s our perceptions and judgments that create conditionings that get us stuck on a spin cycle of no peace. For me, what I’ve found, is that meditation is to create a single point of focus — to quiet the monkey mind. If the monkey wont calm down, give that monkey something to do by focusing on something positive like mantras that are life enhancing.

I AM mantras can create this change point. Create a list of statements you want to embody and repeat. For example…

I AM healthy
I AM peace
I AM calm
I AM love
I AM strong
I AM talented

Consciously be the change you want to embody. Entrain the mind, befriend and calm the ego.

To create an I AM mantra, choose words that empower you, that will lift you up and let you vibrate higher. Choose words that create more positive life force. The words you put after the ‘I AM…’ is the magic you create in your life. By adding positive feelings to these affirmations, it’s like putting diesel on a fire. You bring power to these meditations. Then repeat it often enough to condition and wash the brain of what sullies it. Add cleansed and charged crystals to your meditations to amplify these frequencies. If a negative thought or feeling pops up. Let it. And let it float away like a cloud against the clear blue sky. Just observe them and then, go back to focusing on your mantra.

You don’t even have to close your eyes. Just choose to focus your mind and repeat your mantra silently or aloud. Feel it, repeat it, reflect on it. Do this as long as you like. You are your own sacred space, best to clean it up! When you clear the monkey mind, do the shadow work and take out the trash… you create a clean environment to cultivate the mind state and life you want.

Meditation doesn’t have to be silent. It can be a living meditation. It can be focusing on a loving state of being, creating positive chi, life force, heart energy, Metta Sutta – loving kindness to yourself, or to others in your life. It can be appreciation, a gratitude practice. Being thankful of every — single — thing that has brought you to this point.

The I AM is the transmission of higher self, universal consciousness, christ consciousness, Great Spirit, the gateway to the akashic records, the universal library. For it is that the kingdom in heaven lies within. And it’s elixir is higher love, conscious love that makes our Gardens of Eden grow. Choose to nurture your whole being with what enhances life. What is inside, reflects outside. As above, so below. For crystal clear twenty twenty vision, change starts with the I.

Here’s to clarity in 2020, Happy New Year!

Shamanic Practitioner
Holistic Coach
House & Land Healer
Wellness Crafter

An Easy Empaths Mantra

I fill up my cup first, until it overflows. And so it is.
I fill up my cup first, until it overflows. And so it is.

I thought I’d start blogging a bit about wellness. A good place to start is probably at the beginning. The beginning of the day that is. What I do when I wake up in the morning is I try to start each day with meditation. To ground and center, to gather myself and to start off on a good footing.

Earlier today I was googling Mala beads and learned how easy they are to use with Mantras and meditation. I did the mantra meditation without the Mala beads for a few minutes and it does work. So I came up with my own mantra to focus on for today.

 I fill up my cup first,
until it overflows.
And so it is ❤ 

For empaths, one of the top priorities is self-care. To do it for themselves before they start attending to others. Like the saying goes — “One cannot pour from an empty cup”.

So then the question is, ‘What can I do today to add to my wellbeing?’

For me, quiet mornings with a cup of tea, meditations & saying mantras helps. Setting the tone by being at peace first thing in the morning can help you through the day with ease and grace. So do carve out some time in your day to create the wellness you need. Take a few deep breaths, and let the body fill with ease.

How to meditate and chant with mantras

  1. You can use this mantra while taking in a long deep breath, saying in your head — ‘I fill up my cup first’.
  2. And then on a long slow exhale, say the second part in your head — ‘until it overflows’. Repeat Step 1 and 2 a few times. 

And if you are up for it, you can also use Mala beads & do this chant 108 times. Even if you do it a handful of times you’ll notice that your mental state shifts and also how your body relaxes and fills up with ease. Then, when you want to end; you can finish by saying — ‘And so it is’ and you’re done. 

Enjoy your day. 🙂 

Antoinette | NovoStellar