The Heart-mind Connection

heart-mindDid you know that the Chinese word, xīn means heart or mind, often translated to ‘heart-mind’. The ancient Chinese believed the heart was the center of human cognition. In the West, we are so prone to separate thoughts and feelings into different separate categories. Rationality trumps emotions and we loose sight of our intuition and intentions. Often when you listen to the mind more tension is created.

We spend so much time over analysing things, but the heart and mind really are one. When you feel, you think. When you think, you feel. You don’t really just think or just feel. Consider this for a moment. When one rationalises and looks at the pros and cons of something, you will notice if you dig a bit deeper that there’s an emotion behind that thinking.

So go a little deeper and start to listen to your heart and you’ll start to hear what it has to say. Your intuition and your intentions will start to become clearer and things will start to ease.

“When the heart & mind come together as one —in alignment. We, our souls get to live a full embodied life.” – Stella Raey | NovoStellar

When the heart and mind start to act as one, coherence happens. Where there is coherence, there is harmony. Where there is harmony, we are freed up from stress, from chaos and even illness. When your path is clearer, you get to start creating, manifesting and living the life your heart and soul desires.

What would you do, if you genuinely, whole heartedly were free to do what you really wanted? If nothing was stopping you, and if the path was clear?

Now that is something to contemplate and meditate on. Sacred Cacao is a great heart opener that connects the heart and mind. If you ever get the opportunity to do a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, her wisdom is gentle. She invites you in to your heart and soul to discover the soul nurturing that awaits you. With much gratitude I get to work with her medicine.  She has been a gentle, blissful, heartful teacher to me and I hope she can be that and more for you too. If you go to my events page, you can see when the next Sacred Cacao Ceremony is.

In the meantime, find some time to yourself and maybe do some self care. Journalling can be a good way to empty the mind. Even if it’s list making or doodling and sketching all that is in you. Eventually when the monkey mind stops and all the things that were in your mind is on the paper, your heart then has space to start expressing what she wants you to know.

There is wisdom in you,  your essence knows what’s best for you. Start to listen.

In gratitude,
— Stella Raey