An Easy Empaths Mantra

I fill up my cup first, until it overflows. And so it is.
I fill up my cup first, until it overflows. And so it is.

I thought I’d start blogging a bit about wellness. A good place to start is probably at the beginning. The beginning of the day that is. What I do when I wake up in the morning is I try to start each day with meditation. To ground and center, to gather myself and to start off on a good footing.

Earlier today I was googling Mala beads and learned how easy they are to use with Mantras and meditation. I did the mantra meditation without the Mala beads for a few minutes and it does work. So I came up with my own mantra to focus on for today.

 I fill up my cup first,
until it overflows.
And so it is ❤ 

For empaths, one of the top priorities is self-care. To do it for themselves before they start attending to others. Like the saying goes — “One cannot pour from an empty cup”.

So then the question is, ‘What can I do today to add to my wellbeing?’

For me, quiet mornings with a cup of tea, meditations & saying mantras helps. Setting the tone by being at peace first thing in the morning can help you through the day with ease and grace. So do carve out some time in your day to create the wellness you need. Take a few deep breaths, and let the body fill with ease.

How to meditate and chant with mantras

  1. You can use this mantra while taking in a long deep breath, saying in your head — ‘I fill up my cup first’.
  2. And then on a long slow exhale, say the second part in your head — ‘until it overflows’. Repeat Step 1 and 2 a few times. 

And if you are up for it, you can also use Mala beads & do this chant 108 times. Even if you do it a handful of times you’ll notice that your mental state shifts and also how your body relaxes and fills up with ease. Then, when you want to end; you can finish by saying — ‘And so it is’ and you’re done. 

Enjoy your day. 🙂 

Antoinette | NovoStellar