Shamanic Drumming at the Lough Gur Stone Circle.
Shamanic Drumming at Lough Gur.

Welcome and thank you for visiting. NovoStellar provides holistic methods and solutions for the times we are in. A time of awakening to a higher consciousness, the way of the heart. Many are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies and are looking for alternative ways that help during these transformational times.

Through shamanic practices, holistic coaching and holistic products, we help people find wellness and assist them to live more in tune, and express what’s truly in their hearts.

We create our own line of NovoStellar aura sprays and smudge oilsAs well as Smudge bundles, crystals and shamanic crafts. We also offer Land Healing services too. Here’s looking forward to be of service on your wellness journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.