A Shamanic View of Disease

In shamanic traditions, a more holistic approach is taken to heal a person. It’s not just the physical body that is looked at, but the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies are also addressed too. In essence, the shaman deals with cause and effect, as is the case with laws of physics.

When the root cause is treated, true healing is achieved. If we only treat the effects and suppress the symptoms, diseases would continue to reoccur. In this way, generational and genetic diseases and conditions can be remediated. Sometimes this means the shaman travels back in time to the original hurt. Since the shaman knows how to cross the veil of time and space, the shaman can change how the past affects the present and the future.

When it comes to shamanic healing there is the medicine of the spirit and the medicine of the body which complements each other. Just like in western medicine, if someone goes to the emergency department in a hospital with an arrow in their back, doctors take action to repair the damage that was inflicted on a physical level. On the spiritual level, the shaman would also take a similar approach in the spirit realm. The shaman would take remedial action to remove the psychic arrow in the auric body and cleanse the wound, so that healing can occur.

With Shamans, diseases are seen as intrusions that don’t belong in the body and enter from outside. It could be a virus, an arrow, negative thought forms or negative emotions. Left long enough, it can become critical due to loss of power, or loss of parts of the soul — thus allowing the disease to enter and manifest in the person.

3 Causes of Diseases in Shamanic Traditions

1. Disharmony
Disharmony, or loss of a sense of belonging can affect a person’s vitality. Disharmony can come in the form of a toxic relationship, job loss or other forms of emotional and mental traumas. Disharmony causes a decrease of personal power, making us vulnerable to diseases.

2. Fear
When a person experiences chronic fear constantly, it can cause an imbalance in the body making us more vulnerable to disease. Fear decreases the ability of the immune system by putting our body into a fight or flight mode all the time. When we are always in crisis mode, there comes a point when there aren’t enough resources to do all the functions of the body properly to stay healthy. In modern psychology and western medicine, fear is also noted to promote disease.

3. Soul Loss
Soul loss is the most serious of the three causes. Soul Loss can cause serious diseases and premature deaths. It can be seen as a serious wound that results in fragmentation of the person’s inner essence often due to trauma. Often it makes the person question who and what they are.

Some Developing Symptoms of Diseases

  • Loss of belonging
  • Low immunity
  • Feeling fragmented
  • Inability to feel or receive love
  • Memory blocks of big parts of your life
  • Sudden apathy and indifference
  • Lack of joy, initiative, or inability to feel joy
  • Serious injury or serious internal diseases
  • A predisposition to suicide or addictions
  • And also sadness, despair and depression

With shamanic healing, healing occurs in 4 stages. In the 1st stage power is increased in the client, like a battery getting recharged. In stage 2, diagnosis happens. It’s where the issue is discovered, the cause is found & the understanding of the effect on the client’s body happens. In the 3rd stage, the client takes over and their own healing process takes place. With the 4th stage, the vital practice of soul retrieval is performed. It’s through retrieving these lost soul pieces, that the client heals properly.

With the art of shamanic healing dis-ease can be reduced or eliminated according to the highest good for your soul’s journey. In a way, a shaman can be seen as a doctor, a psychologist, an alchemist, and even an artist who brings about beauty and wellness to peoples lives.

If any of this intrigues you. You can explore my blog & check out my website. Or contact us to find out more or to book a Shamanic Healing, a Holistic Coaching session or to do House Clearings and land Healing too.

So what do Shamans do?

In many lineages, to be called a shaman isn’t done by oneself. It’s the tribe that recognises the abilities of the shaman over time and at some point they called him or her a shaman. With many who are studying shamanic practices, or with those who are newly qualified, the term ‘shamanic practitioner’ is used. In doing so, they honour the tradition of their lineage and path of allowing the tribe or an elder to bestow the title of shaman.

And yet, I heard a story where a student asking his indigenous shamanic teacher whether or not he should call himself a shaman. The teachers answer was, ‘why not? If you were a plumber, what would you call yourself? How would people know what you do?’ Indeed, many  who have been long in the shamanic community stop beating around the bush. A spade is a spade after all, so by that logic if you are doing the practices of shamanism — then really, you are a practicing shaman. In short, you are a shaman.

So for the purposes of this article, I’ll refer to shamanic practitioners as shamans, because when it comes down to it, that’s the work they do.

Back to the question, what do shamans do?

In shamanism, one of the main practices is to connect to spiritual wisdom for the purpose of healing oneself and the community. Shamans can be seen as a bridge between worlds, between the physical and the spiritual. They communicate with  the spirit world to help a client heal or to do psychopomp work, which is helping lost souls transition safely to the spirit realm.

Shamans are able to reach transcendental states to gain knowledge and shamanic medicine. So people often get help with soul retrieval. It is believed that when people experience trauma, grief, loss or illness, they loose parts or aspects of themselves. This is where the shaman can retrieve these lost parts from the higher realms during trance states. The shaman can integrate these parts and help heal the person to become whole and well again.

Often people seek shamans out when they experience mental or physical distress. Or are looking for life or spiritual advice, hands-on healing or communication with loved ones who have passed. In this way, the shaman is a conduit and a bridge to the spirit world.

It’s the shamans role to serve his or her community through the wisdom gained from the spirit world. They are often humble people who help relieve suffering and help heal humanity. Not always an easy path to walk and yet, it can be very fulfilling to be part of.

And so with much gratitude, I continue the healing work of my ancestors. To offer shamanic healing and to help people to empower themselves through coaching. If shamanic healing is calling you and you want to find out how Antoinette can assist you, feel free to send her a message on the contact page or to book a session.

House, Land Healing & Geopathic Stress Removal

Inishmore, The Aaran Islands Ireland.
Inishmore, The Aaran Islands Ireland.

To my amazement, moving to the Burren Region in the West of Ireland has awakened a passion and a calling in me to help heal the lands, seas, and skies of Ireland and beyond. Being from foreign lands, it is with great honour that I do this work. I have traveled across the world, to different regions and yet Ireland is the most magically alive place I’ve come across to date. It is these lands and it’s people that have instilled an immense gratitude in me. Helping me heal and open my heart. Ireland’s heart chakra is rising.

With humility, I am called to do Land Healing and am guided to what the lands of Ireland need and want. Through sacred ceremony, I connect with the energies and spirit of the place and land. I can help clear farms, homes and business premises. Then, if needed, the land needs more than one healer and I can arrange to bring in other healers I know, work with and trust. The work can take a few hours to a day or so. We can travel to where you are located or do distant healing in some cases.

This work also involves the healing and clearing of geopathic stress, electromagnetic energies, working with ley lines, fairy lines, releasing of ancestral and soul issues, old imprints, curses, ritual sites, memories, stuck or other heavy energies.

Geopathic stress is caused by distorted geo-electromagnetic energies in the earth’s field. They’re affected by underground water courses, mineral deposits; faults and underground cavities. These distorted fields may radiate through your house or workplace and can cause various illnesses.

Electromagnetic Energies radiate out from electrical appliances, gadgets, pylons, high voltage wires and transformers. Along with geopathic stress this may be extremely dangerous to the health of human cells (Michigan State University, 2000).

With these House and Land Healings, all of these turbulent entities and energies are addressed and re-mediated. It may take up to 8 weeks for the old energies to fully shift. Although, many clients have felt and notice an immediate effect, during and just after the House and Land Healings are done.  I can also give Wellness, Environmental and Spiritual recommendations for your situation. As well as recommendations to keep the Electromagnetic Energies within a healthier range for you to implement over time.

To find out more, click here. So consider this service if things are turbulent in your home, premises or on your land. There are solutions to these issues. Do send a message on the contact us page to arrange a call back if you want to find out more. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Transpersonal Coaching & Dream Walker Sessions

Peter's Place, Waterville Ireland
Peter’s Place, Waterville Ireland

During sessions, Antoinette is guided by spirit to the clients’ needs and pulls on her experience and training in Holistic Wellness Counseling, Life Coaching, Shamanic Practices and psychic intuitive training.

At times she works with your auric body to clear stuck energies. Other times it could be power retrieval and maybe psychopomp work (helping lost souls, often loved ones to cross over). She is able to receive guidance from your spirit guides to find the shamanic medicine you need at the time.

Her approach is always heart-centered and holistic. It works on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels too. Antoinette’s aim is to help clients overcome life’s challenges around health, spirituality, relationships, life transitions and more.

During sessions, if need be, energy healing can be done where the Auric (Energetic) body and Chi (life force) energy are addressed​. It’s in these energetic fields that healing takes place. By using a shamanic approach, the spirit world and universal knowledge is accessed to seek counsel to alleviate what ails you. It’s the practitioners job to retrieve wisdom, methods and solutions to address what is going on for you.

Transpersonal Coaching
Antoinette takes a whole person humanist approach to coaching where life’s issues and conditions can be addressed. The mind, body, emotions and spirit are taken into account to find holistic solutions for what’s coming up for the client.

In these sessions, you can reach beyond the everyday logical state. The transpersonal state. Beyond the personal, into the mystical or spiritual experience that one can access and integrate. It addresses things like the dark night of the soul and its awakening.

Inner child work and shadow work can be done too in a gentle way. With coaching, positive psychology and shamanic energy healing methods; things like past hurts, traumas and negative experiences can be quickly neutralised to bring in a more positive way of being. Through coaching, you can find holistic and practical solutions and approaches that work for you.

Dream Walker Sessions
In these sessions, Antoinette accesses beyond the veil. She can help you with dream interpretation and understanding messages from the other-side. They maybe messages from your spirit guides, your past loved ones, your higher self, intuitive hits, dreams or signs and synchronicities.

Antoinette can also help you access your unconscious state while awake. She guides and assist you in navigating the unseen realms and guides you through this dream scape where you can find clarity, learn lessons, and even complete missions and contracts.

The field is wide open when it comes to Dream Walker Sessions. Antoinette hold sacred space where you get to define and explore your dream scape in a safe way. This is your field of dreams.

In conclusion
It is often said that one session of shamanic healing can equate to ten years of counselling. This is a major reason why I’ve moved on from the counselling approach to a more Shamanic Transpersonal Coaching method which is leading to the Dream walker Sessions I’m now offering. It is my view that the times and energies have shifted at an expreme pace. For me, it’s in the clients best interest to find things that work right now as time isn’t standing still and the past is behind us. It’s only in the now that we can make a difference.

If all of this interests you or to book a session, send a message on the contact us page to find out more.

Shamanism? Is that a religion?

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney Ireland
The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney Ireland

When the topic of shamanism comes up, one of the first questions that gets asked is, ‘what is shamanism?’ And usually the next question is, ‘is that a religion?’ So let’s get right to it and answer these two questions.

What is Shamanism?

The word shaman, comes from theManchu-Tungus Siberian word which means ‘one who knows’ or ‘one who sees in the dark’. It could be said that a shaman is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness through shamanic journeys, to access a hidden reality in the spirit world to bring back healing, power, and information.

Shamans are often called medicine women or men, healers, and seers. They believe that all physical, emotional or mental problems have their root cause in spiritual imbalance. The techniques used such as drumming, rattling, use of herbs, crystals and other natural elements have been used since the dawn of time and are similar around the world, despite geographical and cultural differences.

In urban cultures, people often go to shamans as a last resort to restore their health and to find solutions to their problems. In indigenous tribal cultures, it’s usually the opposite. These shamans hold more central roles in the village and is seen as someone you go to first, as it’s normal to go to them as a first port of call.

On to the next question, is Shamanism a religion?

Shamanism is not a religion. It has no central leader, and it’s main focus is not around creating a devoted following. Many shamans would prefer that you take the journey to find your own authentic truth through connecting with spirit.

In shamanism there is no one definitive source document for its beliefs, so it doesn’t have a central theology. In religion, the system of beliefs leads to the ritualized practice of religion. If anything, a shamans practice is the spiritual work they do to connect with spirit to find a solution. At its core, shamanism is a method. A method to connect to the spirit world. In a way, you could liken it to meditation, which can be used to achieve various health and spiritual states of improvements too.

With shamanism, you don’t have to believe in it, practice it or have faith in it for it to work. It is the universal spiritual wisdom that’s inherent to all of us. It is a way for us to connect with nature and all of creation that is at our fingertips. A shaman is a guide that helps people access this wisdom.

If shamanism is calling you, or if you’re looking for answers to life’s mysteries, do spend some time to explore it further. In recent years, shamanism is finding a resurgence with those who are looking for ways to ultimately have happier and more fulfilled lives. The dark ages are over and  the light is being shone on it again for people to discover it’s methods, to reconnect to their spiritual aspects and often to their ancestral roots in the craft.

If shamanism interests you, and you want to find out how Antoinette can assist, you can send a message on the contact us page. Explore the Novostellar website to find out more and to see what’s on offer, and do follow the blog.

This article was written by Antoinette and originally appeared on March 30, 2018 on the  the Shamanic Tribes blog.