Antoinette uses holistic coaching and shamanic energy healing techniques to assist people on their life path.

She helps people who are highly sensitive and highly empathic. She also helps starseeds, the wounded warrior, those doing shadow work and anyone going through a spiritual awakening, the dark night of the soul and also those on the ascension path.

She works with life force energy and accesses the Akashic universal knowledge to help people find what works for them. She is also highly attuned to reading energy intuitively and is known to channel too.

Her approach is fundamentally a holistic coaching one. To empower people so that they can be their own guru and be able to help themselves on their life path.

Antoinette is qualified primarily as a Shamanic Land Healer and Shamanic Practitioner. She is also qualified as a Holistic Coach and Wellness Counselor. Her Energy Healing training includes Reiki, Access Bars and Rahinni.

Current Offerings…

  • Shamanic Land, House & Premises Healing
  • Consultations for Shamanic Energy Healing & Coaching

To get in-touch with her, leave her a message on the contact page.

Shamanic Drumming at the Lough Gur Stone Circle.
Shamanic Drumming at Lough Gur.